Monday, August 2, 2010

It's been a while...

My apologies. I just got a message from Laurel asking me to continue blogging. Ironically, I was just given the computer where this all started last December. My parents came to Chicago to help me move and gave me on of their computers because, as most of you know, my beautiful PowerBook G4 has a giant crack through the center of the screen. New apartment, new computer, time to start blogging again.

Going back to previous posts, I never actually watched "Lost". Well, I saw the season premiere. I've never been great at remembering when shows are on, and since I don't have any blank VHS tapes left, I miss all my favorite shows (that's actually a good idea, screw DVR). I'm still not eating meat, only fish occasionally. It's going well; I still feel good. Yesterday, I moved into my new apartment in Ukrainian Village. It's gorgeous. I'm excited to live in this neighborhood. I had to escape Wrigleyville before I was beat up by drunk dudes or driven to suicide by the traffic.

I bought an old enlarger and dark room accessories (chemicals and such) at a yard sale yesterday. $15. Steal. Now I have to find a room with no windows and maybe a sink so I can set it up. Anyone have a dingy bathroom they don't really use?

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  1. Whoa I just saw this! You updated!!! What computer are you using now and did the photography stuff work out?